Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Little Red Book Who Wanted to be Read

I wrote this felt story for our "I LOVE BOOKS!" theme. Feel free to use and improve! Obviously, my computer character could use an update, since I used a computer from 1998 as a model. Also, the Little Red Book character is actually bound with staples and has pages that the kids can "read," even toddlers! The first page has a picture of a sun, and on the second and third are pictures of a bird and car, respectively, but it can really be anything.

The Little Red Book Who Wanted to be Read
a felt story by Jeanie Miller

Once there was a little red book.
It knew it had a cover and pages filled with pictures and words,
But it could not read itself!
It wanted to know what it was about, so it went off to search for someone who could help.

She came upon Crayon.
“Hello Crayon!  I’m a little red book and  I want to be read!  Can you please read me?”
“Read you?  I don’t read, I color.  Let me show you!”
Crayon started to color the pages of Book. 
“No!  Stop!  Don’t color me!  I’m not a coloring book.”
“Oops , sorry!  Why don’t you ask Goat?  He’s right over there!”

Book went to Goat.  When she found him, he was having a little snack.
“Hello, Goat.  I’m a little red book and  I want to be read!  Can you please read me?”
“Mmmhgh.” Goat was too busy eating.  Goat finished eating and looked at Book.
“I don’t know how to read you, but I do know how to eat you!”
Goat opened his mouth and came towards Book.  Book was frightened.  It moved away. 
“No!  Stop!  Don’t eat me!    
“Hmmm, okay, fine.  I’ll eat something else then.  Why don’t you go ask Computer if it can read you?  That Computer is pretty smart.”

Book went off to find Computer.  She found him in his office working hard.
“Hi, Computer.  I’m a little red book and  I want to be read!  Can you please read me?”
 “Read you?  Sorry, I’m too smart and too busy to read a book.  [I only read e-books] Why don’t you go to the library and ask the kids at Storytime?”
“Wow, what a great idea, Computer!  Thanks!”

Book went off to find the kids at Storytime.
“Hi everyone!” [wait for response]
“Can you look at my pages and tell me what I’m about?” [Turn pages, ask for feedback, or whatever…improvise!]  “Thank you!  You’re the best!”

The Book was so happy to know what it was about.  It stayed at the library and lived happily ever after.  THE END!


Jane said...

absolutely adorable! beautiful work!
~ jane

Storytime Fun said...

How fun! Your pieces are sweet and adorable. I love the idea that the book has pages to turn. Very creative idea and story!

Shawn said...

I'm throwing in a third "ADORABLE". I love this story, and I can't wait to use it! Thank you!!